The Hong Kong Drainage Services Department has revitalised the existing 1km-long open nullah in Kwun Tong, which connects various community centres, into a “Tsui Ping River”.

Tsui Ping River’s visual identity design draws inspiration from the perspective and viewpoint of the community stakeholders towards the river. The logo design features a stylised and varied perspective of the river, characterised by flowing curves and lines that reflect its dynamic and natural character. The linear typography represents the river’s role as a connector and a gathering place for the community.

The colour palette for the visual identity design comprises three primary colours that depict life at different times along the Tsui Ping River. Vibrant and energetic shades of blue and green represent the water and greenery, while warm tones of orange and yellow capture the sunset at Tsui Ping Seaside and the harmonious tones of purple and light blue symbolise the innovation of the River management.

The overall design is modern and stylish, reflecting the vibrancy of the River in the city’s culture and its commitment to innovation. The visual applications, including project hoardings, signage systems, environmental graphics, and promotional materials, feature a friendly and accessible communication design that aims to engage the public and raise awareness about Tsui Ping River and promote the concept of sustainable environmental conservation.